CollegeScholarship Fairs

The Infinfite Scholars Program’s fairs are where students can receive on the spot admission and scholarship offers, are located in 27 cities and growing. Pick which fair you would like to attend!

Promise Program

The Infinite Scholars Program’s Promise Programs begins preparing students as early as middle school to earn the most admission and scholarship offers.

We assist  more than 20,000 college-bound students annually. See other real life students getting “real” life scholarships. Students, be recognized for all of your hard work!


*Annual Fund Raising

The Infinite Scholars Program’s Annual Fund Raising – Through the establishment of the Possibilities Are Infinite Annual Campaign, we are able to fulfill the hopes and dreams of families that wish to send their children to college.

The program design is based on a college success mentoring program led by police officers and community volunteers facilitating tutoring/mentoring sessions, field trips, and college readiness workshops that are ultimately designed to help all program participants become proactive lifelong learners, high achievers and uplifting citizens within the communities in which they reside.

Also, funds raised will go towards ours our nationwide 25+ scholarship fairs that are hosted in various cities throughout the nation.

To date, we have served at least 200,000 high school students and hosted events that have helped them secure at least $2 Billion in scholarship offers.
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The Infinite Scholars Program began in 2003 to ensure that financially disadvantaged deserving students could receive the funding they needed and attend college. Today, ISP continuously gains global recognition for outstanding and invaluable college access and college success services. The Infinite Scholars Program is considered the largest recruiter of minority students who attend accredited colleges and universities nationwide. Infinite Scholars Program continuously gains global recognition for outstanding and invaluable college access services to communities. The possibilities are infinite.

Regional Partners


Infinite Scholars never charges students to participate in our events.

We rely 100% on our 100+ sponsors.

See students get admission and scholarship offers on the spot!


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