Our History and Mission


The Infinite Scholars Program is a nonprofit organization founded in 2003 by Thomas “T” Ousley, who taught high school English and History for 29 years with the Jennings (MO) School District. While teaching, Mr. Ousley worked on many mentoring and educational initiatives to assist low-income student to attend college. He found that too few of his students who deserved to go to college actually enrolled because they believed they could not afford to go. As a result, Mr. Ousley began the Infinite Scholars Program to ensure that financially-disadvantaged students deserving to go to college could receive the funding they needed. Today, nearly 80% of participants in the Infinite Scholars Program enroll in college.
The overall mission of the Infinite Scholars Program is to provide all students, especially low income and first generation high school students of diversity, with the access to the resources, guidance, and funding necessary to successfully further their education at accredited institutions of higher education.


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